5 Day Better Mindset Challenge

I am a big believer in the fact that your mindset dictates everything in your life. Your mindset impacts how you feel physically & show up in the world, and how you show up for yourself altogether.

I have struggled with my own mindset over the last couple years, feeling frustrated and unsure of how to get myself out of the funk that I was in. After testing out different strategies, hiring some coaches and doing TONS of inner work, I’ve been able to figure out how to master my mindset.

Now, I want to help you master YOURS.

I completed a 5-Day Better Mindset Challenge in my private Facebook group that I used to have, sharing a video training & assignment on what I think is really important in order to master mindset.

Since the women in my Facebook group had such a great experience, I have taken the videos and turned them into a challenge for YOU!

This challenge teaches you:

> how to stay consistent & monitor your mental, emotional & physical well-being
> how to shift your mindset to focus on what you’ve been able to accomplish vs. “failures”
> how to shift your mindset to focus on everything going right vs. everything that goes wrong

What’s included in the challenge:

DAY 1: My strategy for monitoring my mental, emotional & physical well-being

DAY 2: Focusing on your accomplishments vs. your failures

DAY 3: Shifting your mindset to everything you are grateful for

DAY 4: Shifting your mindset away from complaining & pinpointing the triggers

DAY 5: Start manifesting your future by focusing on actionable steps towards your goals

Like I already mentioned, the videos in this challenge are from a challenge I completed on Facebook live in my Facebook community a couple years ago. The information included in this challenge are what I believe to be essential tools to beginning to master your mindset to really start showing up in your life!