Ultimate Social Media Guides


  • 18 page Ultimate Social Media Guide breaking down various strategies for using social media
  • 11 page Social Media Per Platform guide for Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn
  • Social Media Checklist for Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn, walking you through setting up your profiles & making posts

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What people are saying about these guides:

“This would have been excellent a year ago when I was first trying to figure all of this out!”

“This is exactly what I needed!”

“It’s so pretty, well put together and thorough”

These guides are perfect for those who don’t want to hire someone to take over their accounts, but need some solid guidelines on EXACTLY what they should be doing to optimize their platforms!

Let’s be honest, social media can be extremely frustrating, especially when it comes to utilizing it for business. There’s so much to learn about the different platforms & the algorithms, let alone figure out how to use the platforms to your advantage.

I spent a year in my social media management business learning all of the strategies for conquering each social media platform and I am so happy to be able to provide you with these comprehensive guides! 

The information included are exactly what I’ve spent HOURS learning, testing out, studying and have seen proven results with. I have chosen to focus these guides on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn, because those are the platforms that I feel I have gained the most knowledge from and have seen the most results from.

After pulling together all of the information I’ve gathered, I have compiled them into 3 guides: Ultimate Social Media Guide, Social Media Strategies Per Platform & Social Media Checklist.



  • 18 pages full of strategies I’ve used to transform several client’s platforms
  • My system to getting organized & planning your content
  • Tips for writing captions for your posts
  • Tips for using the correct hashtags on your posts for the most exposure
  • How to monitor your analytics so you can best optimize your platforms


  • 11 page breakdown of social media strategies per platform for Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn
  • Strategies for setting up personal & business profiles
  • Tips for posts on the different platforms
  • Various tips & strategies that are unique to each platform


  • This checklist is what I use to perform & analyze platforms for social media audits
  • I took the information included in the Ultimate Social Media Guide & Social Media Strategies Per Platform guide & put together an organized checklist for making sure you have included everything needed to optimize the different platforms

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